What feather makes the best quill?

What were quill pens traditionally made from?

The quill is essentially made from the feathers of birds. Typically, the best quills are from turkeys due to their particular hard feather tips. During this time period, though, turkeys did not exist in Europe, so Geese feathers were used commonly.

How do you harden a feather quill?

In order to keep a nice sharp tip, quills need to be tempered to harden them. One way is to leave them in a drawer for around 3 years or so, but that takes too long. Another is to temper them in hot sand. This will remove all of the extra oils in the quill and harden it.

What is the Tagalog of quill?

Translation for word Quill in Tagalog is : pakpak na panulat.

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