What happened to the Sewing with Nancy lady?

Is Sewing with Nancy is she still alive?

On September 2, 2017, Zieman announced on her blog that after 910 shows of Sewing with Nancy, she was retiring, explaining that one of her cancers had metastasized and that “additional treatments would not be helpful.” Zieman died November 14, 2017, at her home. She was survived by her husband and two sons.

Did Nancy of Sewing with Nancy have a stroke?

Nancy Zieman The Blog – I Know You’re Wondering—I Didn’t Have a Stroke!

Is Nancy Zieman married?

Are there any sewing shows on TV?

Sewing With Nancy, TV’s longest-running sewing program, continues the tradition of bringing the best in contemporary sewing, quilting, and embroidering ideas to public television viewers. Watch on a PBS Station near you.

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