What type of figurative language is spin us a yarn?

Is spin us a yarn an idiom?

tell somebody a story, usually a long one, which is often not true: She came an hour late and spun him a yarn about her car breaking down. Sailors used to spin yarns (= long threads) to make ropes. They were also famous for telling unlikely stories of their adventures, which is perhaps the origin of the idiom.

What is it called when you spin a yarn?

Hand spinning is an old form of twisting together fibers to form yarn that can then be used to create clothing, and other items. Yarn was spun by hand for thousands of years using tools that were simple.

What is the meaning of the proverb spin yarn?

Definition of ‘spin a yarn’

If you say that someone spins a yarn, you mean that they tell a story that is not true, often an interesting or imaginative one. Rukmeni’s a great storyteller, so she’ll probably spin them a yarn about some prince or god.

What is a yarn in literature?

1. ( Textiles) a continuous twisted strand of natural or synthetic fibres, used in weaving, knitting, etc. 2. ( Literary & Literary Critical Terms) informal a long and often involved story or account, usually telling of incredible or fantastic events. 3.

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What is a yarn expression?

A yarn is a long story told primarily as a form of entertainment, not as a method of communicating important information. The expression to spin a yarn has only been in use since the early 1800s, though the phrase spin a thread meaning to tell a long, entertaining story was a popular expression used in the 1300s.

What is a person called that uses a spinning wheel?

spinner. noun. someone who uses a spinning wheel to make thread from wool or cotton.

What is the meaning of the idiom in the dark?

In a state of ignorance, uninformed, as in I was in the dark about their plans. This metaphor often appears in the locution keep someone in the dark, meaning “deliberately keep someone uninformed,” as in They kept me in the dark about their plans. [Late 1600s] For an antonym, see in the know.

How do you use spin a yarn in a sentence?

Kids like to have their grandparents spin a yarn for them. His sister always spins a yarn about her childhood. Her father has to spin a yarn each night to make his daughter sleep else she would start crying. There are stories about courage of many warriors.

What does head in the clouds mean idiom?

Be absentminded or impractical, as in She must have had her head in the clouds when she made the reservations, because they never heard of us, or He’ll never be able to run the business—he’s always got his head in the clouds.