Which is wrong side in crochet?

Do you crochet left to right or right to left?

When working back and forth in rows, left-handed crocheters work their stitches from left to right, and right-handed crocheters work from right to left. When working in rounds, left-handed crocheters work to the right (counter clockwise) and right-handed crocheters work to the left (clockwise).

Which is the right side of a granny square?

So, you’ve got all of your squares made up and you’re ready to attach everything. Take a look at your squares. The “front” or “right” side of the squares will try to curl up. This is the pretty side you want facing out when your sham is complete.

Does it matter which way you turn your work in crochet?

It may not seem like it matters, but turning in crochet ought to be done consistently each time. That is, you should be turning the same way every time you turn to the next side. The turn creates a neat edge, which is important if you are joining two pieces or seaming garments.

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