Who makes swish curtain track?

Can you cut swish curtain track?

Can be cut to length with a hack saw if needed. ” 1 of 1 people found this review helpful. ” A well made curtain track that is easy to fix. Swish track is better than the cheap alternatives that are available. ”

What is a swish curtain track?

Swish deluxe PVC track

A heavy duty PVC track offering superior functionality for heavyweight curtain fabrics up to 13.6 kg.

Can you join 2 curtain poles together?

Connectors are used to join two curtain poles together to create longer lengths. For metal rods a joining piece is available in the corresponding diameter which fits inside the poles. A simple double sided screw is used to join the two wooden rods together and an extra bracket is used to support the join.

Can you join two curtain tracks?

It’s really simple to do but does require the track to be ceiling mounted only (top fixed), simply install one track in front of the other in the centre. This will allow the curtains to overlap each other, providing additional privacy for bedrooms or living rooms.

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