Why are my crochet squares different sizes?


Are all granny squares the same size?

For me, granny squares are really easy to make and generally come out about the same size. and there are more flexible joining methods that help adjust for the small size differences.

Why is my granny square crooked?

The short answer is that stitches, particularly the double crochet, naturally slant to the right. When working in rows, that slant is offset by turning at the end of each row. When working in rounds, the instructions usually tell you not to turn.

Why are my granny squares round?

To understand why a center turns, we have to look at the way crochet stitches are worked into one another. … If you are right-handed your stitches are offset to the right, so your square turns to the left. If you are left-handed your stitches are offset to the left and your square turns to the right.

How do you increase the size of a Granny Square?

You can continue increasing the size of your granny square to make it as large as you like. Simply work 3 dc, 2 ch, 3 dc in each corner and 3 dc in each space, joining at the end of each row and beginning the new round with a ch 3 for the first dc stitch.

Why does my crochet look like a trapezoid?

When your crochet square starts to look more like a trapezoid, something’s gone wrong! … So, when a project begins to look more like a trapezoid, triangle or is just all over the place, the most likely culprit is you aren’t counting your stitches, or not placing your first stitch in the proper stitch to start your row.

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