You asked: What should I put on a quilt label?

What information do you put on a quilt label?

Top information to include on quilt labels:

  • Date.
  • Quilt maker’s name.
  • Name of the quilt.
  • Name of the recipient.
  • Name of the quilter.
  • Location made.
  • Occasion quilt made for.
  • Personal message.

What do you put on a baby quilt label?

“To me, the important things to include on a quilt label are maker, city/state, and date. Sometimes, I’ll personalize the label with who it is for. Including care instructions are helpful as well, especially with a baby quilt that will be washed.”

How do you document a quilt?

Here are three key steps that every quilt owner should take to keep their quilt’s history from fading away.

  1. Label your quilt. Include, at minimum: maker’s name, date completed, location made, maker or owner’s contact information. …
  2. Take photos of your quilt. …
  3. Write down your quilt’s story.

What is photo fabric?

Photo Fabric is paper backed fabric that you can run through your ink jet printer. It’s as easy as print, peel, rinse and sew. Photo Fabric is used by many quilters to make memory quilts. You can print family photos, pictures of your beloved pets, and even your children’s artwork.

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