Are Balancing Beads bad for tires?

Do balance beads damage tires?

Whether you install them in a brand-new aftermarket wheel or you’re still rocking your classic OEM tire, these little beads aren’t going to damage your tire. However, the only complaint about them is their specialized use. It’s true that they won’t cause damage, but the jury is still out if they do any good.

Are tire balancing beads good?

Balancing beads have a more positive impact than weights since beads stabilize the axle, tire, and wheel more evenly.

What happens if you put too much balancing beads in a tire?

When there is too much, it can create a “traffic jam” where the excess beads get forced into the wrong balance position creating an imbalance. There is certainly an ideal amount of product to have inside the tires, as directed by our application charts.

Can you use too many balance beads?

Note 1: Using too much beads means you are wasting beads but the tire will balance. Using too little means you will not have enough beads to balance your tire. If you have an out of balance try adding more beads.

Will golf balls balance tires?

The rubber dust coating these golf balls came from their banging into the innerliner, probably damaging it. … Anyway, as we said, we can’t recommend golf balls as a means of balancing truck tires. So far as we can tell, they don’t work, and could seriously damage your tires.

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How much tire balancing beads do you use?

As a rule of thumb, the amount of Counteract required per tire is based on one ounce per thirteen pounds of tire. If you are using our throw in bags, open & discard outside bag only & throw clear inner bag containing Counteract directly inside tire cavity.

Will balancing beads help an out of round tire?

As the tires repeatedly heat up and cool, and suffer occasional punishment on weekends, the large amount of rubber and overall size can easily get out of round. … These little beads are an inexpensive alternative to constantly having your truck tires professionally balanced.

What is the best way to balance tires?

The correct way to balance a wheel statically is to split the weight amount in half and place equal weight amounts on both sides of the wheel. Some tire manufacturers recommend this procedure when the amount of weight exceeds 20 grams or . 71 ounce.