Best answer: Are Aran sweaters hand knitted?

Are Aran sweaters hand made?

Aran sweaters are handmade, following the tradition of the people of the Irish coast who first created these sweaters many years ago.

How do you know if a sweater is hand knitted?

Stitching. Hand-knit sweaters still outperform machine-knits in the types of stitches they contain. For example, you can tell an Aran sweater was hand-knit if it features the blackberry stitch, which machines can’t produce.

Is Aran knitting difficult?

While Aran knit garments and household items may look very complicated to knit, they really aren’t all that difficult to do once you have mastered a couple new techniques. Anyone with basic knitting skills can learn to do Aran knitting and create wonderful heirloom items for their friends and family.

Is Aran Irish or Scottish?

Aran knitwear is synonymous with Ireland. It is more than just a product; it is almost a matter of national pride. No wonder they are passionate about it.

Are Aran sweaters good?

Hand knit Aran sweaters are knit usually by women at home as a part-time enterprise, are the best quality and the most expensive. They tend to be knit tightly and from heavier yarn, so the patterns are very well defined. … Hand knit Aran sweaters are long lasting, keeping their shape and stitch definition for many years.

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Are hand knit sweaters better?

Hand knitted sweaters are far more durable than the readymade ones. Even after washing them innumerable times, they remain as it is whereas market ones start looking dull. Hand knitted sweaters can be worn for two- three years by the children but readymade sweaters cannot be re-worn during the next season.

How long does it take to knit an Aran sweater?

It requires on average more than 40 hours of knitting to complete each sweater and as this is a craft mainly carried out by women in their homes when they are sitting down in the evenings, this means that it could take up to 6 weeks to knit just one sweater! Each sweater is truly a labour of love for their craft.

Is merino wool the same as Aran?

However, today most Aran Sweaters are knit with a softer wool of Merino wool in natural colour as well as a variety of other colours. … Merino fibres are really fine making it way softer than traditional wool such as Irish wool which can be coarse to wear. Merino wool makes a sweater feel luxurious and so soft to wear.

What style of knitting is Aran?

Aran knitting patterns are heavily textured knitting patterns which are named after the Aran Islands, which are located off the west coast of Ireland from County Galway and County Clare. The patterns are knitted into socks, hats, vests, scarves, mittens, afghans, pillow covers, and, most commonly, sweaters.

What is special about Aran wool?

Unscoured wool retains its natural lanolin making it water resistant. Perfect for braving the harsh conditions of the unforgiving Atlantic Ocean and a far cry from the soft merino and pure wool yarns that are used today.

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How much wool does it take to knit an Aran jumper?

What’s in the kit? 1 x 25g of wool and two knitting needles.

What size Aran sweater should I get?

Aran Sweater Sizing Guide

Our sizing XS L
UK 8 – 10 14 – 16
USA 6 – 8 12 – 14
Chest Width (inches) 32” – 34” 38” – 40”
Chest Width (cm) 81 – 86 96 – 101