Best answer: How do I install render stop beads?

What is the best mix for rendering?

A common mix ratio used for rendering is 6 parts sand, 1 part cement and 1 part lime. Any general purpose cement can be used, although the sand should be fine and clean of impurities. Coarser sand is usually used as the base layer and slightly finer sand for the top layer.

How do you stick to render?

Firstly combine all the dry materials until the colour is uniform. Add only small quantities of water at a time while continually mixing the render. The render should be soft putty-like state and should stick to the float when you turn it up-side down. If the render is too wet, do not use it – discard and start again.

How do I fix render stop bead?

At a change of finish, stop beads can be fixed either mechanically or onto render or mortar dabs. Leave a gap of 8-14mm between bellcast beads at a movement joint and fix the bead over the top on render dabs, adhesive mortar or with mechanical fixings and plumb straight.

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