Best answer: What is a tubular bind off in knitting?

Is tubular bind off the same as Kitchener Stitch?

The tubular bind off is my absolute favorite for 1/1 (knit/purl) ribbing. This sewn bind off is very similar to working a kitchener stitch, as though the knits were on one side and purls on the other. It creates a stretchy edge that looks like the ribbing has just flowed right over it.

Is Italian cast on the same as tubular?

One of the best ways to cast on stitches for 1×1 or 2×2 ribbing is to use the long tail tubular (also known as Italian) cast on. It is the type of cast on that forms a lovely edge looking like columns of stitches flowing from one side of the work to the other.

How do you remove waste from tubular cast on?

The waste yarn can be removed as soon as the the first row or round of knitting is complete.

  1. Ease waste yarn tail through final crochet loop and pull gently to begin to unravel.
  2. Continue pulling the waste yarn gently until all the crochet stitches have unravelled.
  3. Pull waste yarn out of cast-on edge.
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