Best answer: What is guide bar in warp knitting?

What is yarn guide?

Yarn guides are the one of the helping instrument to control the yarn path. Yarn guides are required to perform the winding or unwinding process properly. … Yarn guides are used during winding, warping, beaming and weaving process. In winding and unwinding it is necessary to control the yarn path.

What is overlap and Underlap in warp knitting?

This part of the structure is called an overlap. The second part is the length of yarn connecting each formed loop with the next succeeding loop, which is called an underlap, shown in green. It is formed by the shogging or lateral movements of the yarn ends across the back side of the needles.

What is chain link in knitting?

Inspired by a quiet photograph of a wire fence in the Metropolitan collection, Chainlink features kite-shaped panels worked from the bottom up in ribbing and delicate cable mesh. … Knit in pieces and seamed, Chainlink will call on all your skills and reward you with an unforgettable garment.

What is weft knitting used for?

Weft knit – Produced when knitting with two needles, it uses one continuous yarn that produces horizontal rows of loops that interlock. It frays, can ladder and lose its shape when worn frequently. It is used to produce most garments, such as T-shirts, tights and jumpers.

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Why is chain link necessary for warp knitting?

Chain link:

The pins pass through all the tracks and chains, and the ends fit into grooves in the serrated flanges of the pattern drum so that as the drum turns, the chain links are advanced in unison in correct timing relationship.