Best answer: What is Stitch’s voice?

What does Stitch say when he first speaks?

According to the Tantalog language database, it turns out Stitch said: “Mega Nala Kweestra” which means “I want to destroy!

Can you sound like Stitch?

Changing Your Voice. Speak from the throat. To best emulate Stitch’s voice, pull your tongue back against your back molars, closing some of the space near the back of your throat. … This will force more air out of your nose to create Stitch’s signature nasal sound.

What is Stitch catch phrase?

Still good.” (Stitch) While the classic Ohana line is one that most people know and is often thrown around as a catchphrase from this movie, this quote from Stitch himself has even more heart and impact.

Who played Lilo and Stitch?

The 42nd Disney animated feature film, it was written and directed by Chris Sanders and Dean DeBlois in their directorial debuts.

Lilo & Stitch
Starring Chris Sanders Daveigh Chase Tia Carrere Ving Rhames David Ogden Stiers Kevin McDonald Jason Scott Lee Zoe Caldwell Kevin Michael Richardson

What bad word did Stitch?

2 Answers. The language Stitch speaks is Tantalog. It is a combination of Hawaiian, Chinese and Chezcreekian.

How do you say hello in Stitch language?


  1. Ogata – Ouch.
  2. Ohufi – Casual greeting.
  3. Okie-taka – Alright/okay/okey-dokey (acknowledgement)
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How can I get a funny voice?

Speak with a different pitch than you normally do. Talk faster or slower than normal. If you say any words in a strange or funny way, try accentuating them even more than usual. Use different combinations of these techniques to change your voice into something fun and funny.