Best answer: Where do you sew on military patches?

How do you place military patches?

On the left shoulder, affix the patch for the unit to which you are currently assigned. On the right shoulder, you have the option of affixing the unit patch of any unit with which you served in a combat zone.

How do you sew patches on a military uniform?

2 Ways to Sew on Military Patches

  1. Step 1: Lay out your uniform and iron to remove any creases and wrinkles. …
  2. Step 2: Take your patch and place it onto the uniform in the right position. …
  3. Step 3: Temporarily secure the patch with ironing tape or a clothing pin. …
  4. Step 4: Set the sewing machine up to get ready for sewing.

Where do name patches go on army uniform?

The name tag is worn on the parallel right breast pocket and in the center of the top seam of the men’s uniform pocket.

Where does the US Army patch go?

So for those that are in the US army, their Branch Insignia patch will have “US ARMY” inscribed on the patch. This is always worn on the left-hand side of the outer pocket of a US Army uniform, right over the heart. This way it can be easily identified that that individual is part of the US army.

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What side do Navy patches go on?

The RF patch is worn on the right shoulder pocket flap. It is the only shoulder patch that can be worn singularly without another patch being worn on the left pocket flap. The Command/Unit logo or the DTOM patch may be worn optionally on the left shoulder pocket flap when the RF patch is worn on the right pocket flap.

Which side do patches go on?

Military regulation requires that the flag’s stars always be on the forward-facing side … Non-service members can wear their patches on either shoulder as well, but the stars can face the back of the shoulder or put on the right side.”

How do you sew on an Air Force patch?

Sewing Steps

Push the needle back through the uniform fabric and through the patch on the inside edge of the embroidery edging. Cross the thread over the edge of the patch and push the needle through the uniform fabric, very close to the edge. Pull the thread snug so it disappears in the embroidered edge.