Best answer: Which garment production process is done after sewing?

Which process is done after sewing?

The process of manufacturing garments involves product design, fabric selection and testing, pattern making, grading, marking, distribution, cutting, folding, sewing, compression or folding, finishing and specifying, dyeing and washing, QC etc.

What are the stages of garment production?

Here’s a step-by step guide to garment production:

  • Pre-Production. Pre-production consist of fabric and trim sourcing, fabric development, pattern making and sampling.
  • Fabric and Trim Sourcing. …
  • Pattern Making. …
  • Production Planning. …
  • Cutting Process. …
  • Manufacturing and Quality Control. …
  • Delivery.

Which garment production process is done after costing?

Stitching cost: If factory pays piece rate to operators then take piece rate, or calculate direct stitching labour cost from the monthly wages. Finishing Cost: Finishing process includes thread trimming, checking, ironing, folding, and packing.

Which sector is garment production?

India is among the world’s largest producers of Textiles and Apparel. The domestic apparel & textile industry in India contributes 5% to the country’s GDP, 7% of industry output in value terms, and 12% of the country’s export earnings. India is the 6th largest exporter of textiles and apparel in the world.

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