Can you use knitting wool for needle felting?

Can you use any wool for felting?

Put simply, it just means what you use for the centre or bulk of your project and it can be any medium/coarse wool. If your top layer is going to be a different colour or you are using a fine wool; Merino Corriedale or similar. Core wool can be used to needle felt your basic shape and then covered with dyed wool.

Is Romney wool good for needle felting?

Romney is wildly versatile and can be used in clothing and crafts. This semi-lustrous and oh-so-soft fleece is also perfect for all of your needle felting needs. The length of longwool such as Romney creates decadent textures when using them for your needle felted pieces.

What is mc1 wool?

MC-1 is the #1 Choice for a smooth finish to your needle felted creations, but it is great for wet felting too! MC-1 WOOL Batting is approx. 25 micron and made in the USA from sheep raised and sheered on U.S. farms. … It can be wet felted or needle felted, and can achieve a smooth surface in either case.

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