Can you use wooly nylon in a regular sewing machine?

What is wooly nylon thread used for?

The stretchy thread for stretchy fabric such as swimwear, activewear and more. Use in upper and lower loops of your serger for rolled hems and edges. Serges beautifully with smooth and strong edges and seams.

What is wooly nylon thread made of?

Due to its stretchy nature, this thread typically is intended to be used with stretchy fabrics. As the name suggests, it is made from spun nylon fiber that results in a thread that is durable, soft, and strong. Stretchy nylon thread such as this is usually sold on small cones and intended to be used on a serger.

What is bonded nylon?

Bonded nylon has a protective coating which helps prevent fraying and heat due to friction that occurs while sewing. It features high tensile strength and resistance to mildew, aging and abrasion. Techsew is proud to offer a variety of colors and sizes in bonded nylon thread to suit most types of sewing projects.

Which Looper does wooly nylon go in?

Thread the upper looper with wooly nylon.

What is wooly nylon?

Woolly Nylon is a textured nylon serger thread with some stretch. It “bulks” when tension is eased making it perfect for overedge seams. Use it for all your knits. It makes a great decorative edge for napkins and tablecloths.

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What is wooly polyester?

Wooly poly thread is stretchy and works beautifully in knit and athletic garments. … Wooly poly thread is perfect for use in sergers and coverstitch machines for both knitted and woven materials. It is completely colourfast and can be ironed even on high heat.

What is the best thread for sewing knits?

If you own a serger then this is the ideal way to sew with knits. A 3-Thread or 4-Thread stitch will secure a seam and still provide good stretch. You can use regular serger thread, wooly nylon thread, or (my favorite) stretch thread. If you own a serger then whipping up t-shirts, skirts, and leggings are a breeze.

Is Maxi lock stretch thread the same as wooly nylon?

What is the difference between stretch thread & woolly nylon? Essentially both are nylon threads. The difference is that woolly nylon usually has more flexibility and is a little ‘fuzzier’. Meanwhile, Maxi-Lock Stretch features a smoother touch and thicker texture.