Can you weave with fresh willow?

How do you prepare fresh willow for weaving?

(Before weaving, soak the dry willow rods until you can bend them around your wrist, without cracking them. Soaking them for 24 hours in a bathtub is usually long enough. They are ready for weaving when they can pass the bend test without cracking.)

Can I weave Green willow?

Green willow refers to undried willow that in theory could sprout life again if stuck in the ground. If you weave a basket from willow straight off the tree (green) it will shrink as it dries so distorting your baskets shape, this is why we usually work with willow that has been dried and then re-soaked.

How long does it take willow to dry out?

If you have any left over after your project, you could continue to use it by keeping it covered for one or two days. After that it must be dried out thoroughly (dried quickly in sun and wind) for storage.

Soaking times for buff willow.

Length Soaking Time
5ft 1½-2 hrs
6ft 2 hrs
7ft 2-2½ hrs
8ft 3 hrs

When should I harvest willow?

Harvest after the leaves have fallen and before they start to grow again –mid-November to late February. Keep harvested willow in cool dry conditions, sort into lengths. Use within 6 weeks while still pliable or allow to dry out completely and soak to use at any time of year.

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When should I take willow cuttings?

You can propagate willows by cutting branches any time of the year. Spring may be the best season because of the ample rain and the new tree will have the entire summer to become established before winter. Take a cutting that is about 10-inches long and the diameter of a pencil. Next place the cutting in water.