Do you have to finish seams?

Why do you need to finish seams?

Seam finishes are an essential part of garment and accessory construction when working with woven fabrics. In addition to providing neat and tidy insides, the finishing stitch is what keeps your fabric from fraying or unraveling and ultimately weakening your construction stitch.

Do I really need a serger?

When you are sewing with woven (non-stretchy fabrics like in the photo above) a serger is helpful because it will finish the raw edges and prevent fraying. But it is not necessarily the most durable way to sew the seam, so the proper method is to sew the seams with a sewing machine first.

How do you reduce bulk when sewing?

An easy way to reduce bulk is to trim away excess seam allowance from one side of the seam. Basically, you are layering the seam allowance width after you have stitched everything in place.

How long does a seam ripper last?

Fun fact, a seam ripper should be replaced every six months.

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