Frequent question: Do you need tailoring to wear Robe of the Archmage?

Does Robe of the Archmage required tailoring?

Comment by Allakhazam

There does NOT need to be a tailor in the group.

How much is robe of the Archmagi?

Aura strong varied; CL 14th; Slot body; Price 75,000 gp; Weight 1 lb. This normal-appearing garment is attuned to one of three types of alignment. It can be white (01—45 on d%, good alignment), gray (46—75, neither good nor evil alignment), or black (76—100, evil alignment).

Can you wear a circlet with Archmage robes?

Although the Archmage’s Robes are considered to be hooded, they occupy only the “body” and “hair” body part slots, but not the “circlet” body part slot, unlike most other hooded robes. This means that they can be worn simultaneously with circlets or Dragon Priest Masks.

Can you improve arch mage robes?

Just a little mod that gives a bonus to the Arch Mage Robes (both hooded and not). It raises the cost reduction from 15% to 25%. This was done just in case you still want to enchant 3 other items with 25% to a specific school to get the free casting (100% reduction) for that school, but still wear the archmage robes.

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