Frequent question: What does it mean when knitting instructions are in brackets?

How do you read knitting patterns?

Reading Charts

Working from the bottom up (like how your stitches appear on your needles), right side rows and all rounds are read from right to left. Wrong side rows are read from left to right, and the wrong side equivalents of the stitches are used.

What are the knitting symbols?

Knitting Chart Symbols

Abbreviation Description Wrong Side Desc
k1b knit in back loop of the stitch, resulting in a twisted stitch
k1-b K through back loop P through back loop
K1 tbl NS Stanfield: knit through back loop. Walker: no stitch
k1-b twisted knit stitch twisted purl stitch

What does no stitch mean in knitting?

The squares that are not required in a particular row are “no stitch” squares. They are usually filled with a darker color than the rest of the chart, and can be ignored as you work the row.

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