Frequent question: What is a mosaic Roman mosaics for kids?

How do you explain mosaic to a child?

A mosaic is a picture or geometric design created by covering a surface with tiny pieces of objects, called tesserae. Mosaics have been created for many centuries, and the process involves using adhesive to make sure the objects stick to the surface.

How were Roman mosaics made for kids?

Roman mosaics were made up of hundreds, sometimes thousands, of tiny coloured stones and gems called tesserae. Each mosaic piece was stuck to the floor with mortar, a type of cement. Mosaics would show pictures of Roman history and everyday Roman life.

What is a mosaic ks1?

A mosaic is a picture or pattern produced by the arrangement of lots of small materials.

Where did Romans use mosaics?

Roman mosaics were a common feature of private homes and public buildings across the empire from Africa to Antioch. Not only are mosaics beautiful works of art in themselves but they are also an invaluable record of such everyday items as clothes, food, tools, weapons, flora and fauna.

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