How can I stitch my lehenga?

Can lehenga be stitched?

The one outfit that can help you make a fashion statement and can get stitched easily is a lehenga. Not only does a lehenga suit varied occasions, it can also be styled in different ways, and hence, looks like a new outfit each time.

How long does it take to stitch a lehenga?

Stitching Time: The quoted period is between six and eight days for regular stitching.

How much material do I need to make a lehenga?

The amount of fabrics highly depends on the pattern of the outfit to be made.

Fabric Estimator.

Fabric Width 44 Inches Fabric Width 56 – 60 Inches
Lehenga 3.5 Meters 3 Meters
Skirt, A-line 3.5 Meters 3 Meters
Short Kurti 2.25 Meters 2 Meters
Long Kurti 3.5 Meters 3 Meters

Can you remove can can from lehenga?

You can do without can-can

Can-can definitely makes your lehenga looks fluffy and gorgeous but, you cannot simply ignore the fact that it adds a lot of weight. You can do without a can-can. Get this extra layer removed and you will feel very easy and comfortable in your heavy lehenga.

Can we convert lehenga to gown?

You are good to go! You can use the blouse you got with the lehenga but if you want to know how to convert a wedding lehenga into a dress that looks totally different, you have to mix and match it with a different blouse that matches the lehenga. Either you can use an old blouse or get a new one, that’s up to you.

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