How do you calculate rpm in knitting?

How do you calculate the production of a circular knitting machine?

Needle Calculation Formula:

  1. Single jersey circular knitting machine needle = ∏DG.
  2. Rib/Inter lock /Double jersey circular knitting machine needle = ∏DG×2 (two needle bed is here)
  3. Single bed flat knitting m/c’s needle = width× gauge.
  4. GSM = {WPI× CPI × (39.37)2×stitch length (mm) ×Tex /1000× 1000} g/m2.

How do you calculate hourly production in knitting?

For a single jersey, Fabric width = 53 “, GSM = 150 , Yarn count(Ne) = 26S.

Calculate nominal production of a single jersey-knitting machine per hour from the data given:

  1. Machine Gauge = 24.
  2. Machine Dia = 30 inches.
  3. Number of Feeders = 90.
  4. Machine RPM = 26.
  5. Yarn Count = 24.
  6. Stitch length = 4 mm.
  7. Efficiency = 85%

How do you calculate efficiency in a knitting machine?

For calculated production the following formula is used. So efficiency in Circular Knitting Machine =110/149.45 × 100= 73.60%. So, efficiency loss of double jersey machine is = (100- 73.60) % =26.4 %.

What is DIA in knitting?

Relation between Fabric Dia & machine Diameter:

Fabric Dia = (Machine Dia X 4/3) ±5% For Rib. It is needed not to mention that GSM, count and stitch length is very essential parameters that control all the properties of weft knitted fabric. Mainly stitch length and count plays a vital role in knit fabric structure.

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What is wales per inch?

Wales per inch (WPI)indicate the total numbers of wales in one inch of linear fabric. WPI is one of the important parameters to determine GSM of fabric and other fabric properties. Courses Per Inch.

How do you calculate weaving production?

Fabric Production Calculation

  1. Loom Speed = Motor RPM * (Motor Pully Diametre)/(Loom Pully Diametre)
  2. Loom Effeciency Percentage = (Actual Production/Calculated Production )* 100.
  3. Moisture Regain Percentage = {(Yarn Weight – Dried Yarn Weight)/Dried Yarn weight} * 100.

How do you find the GSM of a knitted fabric?

For Measuring GSM, fabric sample is cut by GSM cutter. Now weight is taken by electric balance. By this way we get the weight in gram per one square meter fabric. Here GSM of the fabrics by the GSM cutter is obtained by the multiplying the sample weight with 100.

How do you measure the width of a knitted fabric?

Ans.: TF = 14.7 = √tex/loop length cm Loop length inches = l = 0.146 Wales/inch = KW / l = 4.29/0.146 = 29.38 Machine gauge for yarn of 20s Ne = 20 Open width of tube of diameter 26″= 81.68″ Number of wale lines in fabric = Number of needles in machine = 29.38 x 81.68″ = 2400 = π x machine diameter x machine gauge …

What is the relation between stitch length and GSM?

Here, both the empirical and experimental data were compared with each other to verify through an equation where if the stitch length and count increases then the GSM decreases. This is due to the relation among GSM, count and stitch length; where GSM is inversely proportional to the count and stitch length.

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