How do you control neps in yarn?

How do you reduce neps in yarn?

Carding both generates and removes neps. Carding is the most significant process where significant decrease in the level of neps can take place. It was also observed that with finer cottons, increasing the card licker-in speed increased the card web neps.

How do you control Neps?

It is advisable that spinners periodically measure neps in the chute feed material to determine the severity of adding neps during opening and cleaning. The carding process will always reduce neps. This is because neps may either be removed during carding or straightened in the carding zone.

What is the main reason for Neps formation?

A very small portion of observed neps may exist in unprocessed cotton, but the vast majority of neps are caused by handling and processing. Almost any mechanical process can cause the formation of neps, but the most likely ones include harvesting, ginning, and opening/cleaning in the textile mill.

What is seed coat neps?

The seed coats which remain with the fiber during opening are termed seed coat neps by the AFIS. … Large seed coats, termed seed coat fragments, are collected in the trash port of the AFIS and are more easily removed from the fiber. The AFIS Nep Classification module counts and sizes seed coat neps.

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What are neps in yarn?

The first is called a nep, a small nub of fiber that is usually removed from spinning fiber during the carding process to avoid creating slubs, or thick lumps, in a finished skein of spun yarn. The appearance of common neps on yarns and fabrics is shown in figure 2.16.

What does the carding process do to the cotton?

carding, in textile production, a process of separating individual fibres, using a series of dividing and redividing steps, that causes many of the fibres to lie parallel to one another while also removing most of the remaining impurities.

What is NRE in carding machine?

The paper focused on the impact of carding performance particularly Neps Removal Efficiency (NRE) on the yarn quality. The carding parameters, settings and machine condition plays an important role in the production of good quality sliver. … It is found that the neps removal efficiency has an impact on yarn quality.

What is Neps in textile?

A nep can be defined as a small knot (or cluster) of entangled fibres consisting either entirely of fibres (i.e. a fibre nep) or of foreign matter (e.g. a seed-coat fragment) entangled with fibres.

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