How do you disassemble a sewing machine?

How do you fit a new sewing machine into an old cabinet?

A support board is installed inside the cabinet for the sewing machine to sit on and two top boards are cut to fit snug against the machine at the height of the needle plate. The sewing machine will then be recessed in the cabinet creating a smooth level sewing surface.

How do you take apart a Brother sewing machine?

How Do You Take Apart A Brother Sewing Machine?

  1. Remove the needle plate cover. Read the Brother sewing machine manual of the specific model you have to be familiarized with its parts. …
  2. Remove the remaining screws. Inspect the needle plate housing and remove the screw, typically at the back.

How do you transport a sewing machine?

Tips for Traveling with Your Sewing Machine

  1. Put your presser foot down on a piece of fabric. This is how machines are shipped to us. …
  2. Don’t put your needle down. Just in case you hit a bump, it’s better to not have that needle down near your bobbin case.
  3. Box it up! …
  4. Pack it up! …
  5. Don’t forget your power cord!
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