How do you embroider a name on a jacket?

Where do you embroider name on jacket?

We recommend putting names on the right side of a logo embroidered polo shirt or jacket. The right side is the more traditional side for good reason. It creates a separation from the logo, it is easy to read and it is the side of the shirt that becomes visible when shaking another person’s hand.

How do you put a name on a jacket?

Center of design should go where lines intersect. naturally falls so the other person’s right shoulder/chest area, so that’s the side where their name should be. Jacket Back Center design from left to right. Top of design should be 2-3 inches below bottom of collar, or 4-5 inches down from base of neck.

Where do logos go on jackets?

Logos can be placed on the upper right or left front, right or left upper sleeve, and upper back for most jacket styles. Some jackets also allow for logos to be placed on the back collar, upper right or left of the back, lower back, or cuffs.

Can down jackets be embroidered?

Industry Authority Specializing In Custom Down Jackets!

We have the people, process and equipment implementations to embroider even the most complex design unto any one of our hundreds of custom down jacket styles.

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