How do you install vinyl J beads?

Do you mud over J-bead?

Generally, it is a personal preference whether you want to mud the J-bend corner, sand it and paint it, or to not use mud and just paint over it. However, if you are installing the J-bead in a spot where there will be a lot of vibration present, i.e., by a door, you would NOT want to use mud on it.

Can you screw vinyl corner bead?

Line up the corner bead along the wall, and verify that it fits properly and the correct cut was made. Line up a drywall screw at the top of the vinyl corner bead and drill it into the stud through hole in the corner bead. Screw it until the head of the screw is flush with the corner bead.

How do you attach plastic corner guards?

To install corner guard, apply heavy duty adhesive on each wing in a zig-zag pattern. Press corner guard firmly against wall. Position corner guard on wall and move around slightly to spread adhesive, then remove corner guard from wall for one minute to let the adhesive set and then reapply to wall.

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