How do you make a double sided fleece blanket?

How do you make a two sided blanket?

5 Beginner Steps On How To Sew A Double Sided Fleece Blanket

  1. Step #1. Cut the fabric and round the corners.
  2. Step #2. Sew layers together.
  3. Step #3. Cut the seam allowance and turn the blanket.
  4. Step #4. Turn the right sides out and sew the gap.
  5. Step #5. Decorate your blanket (optional)

What is double sided fleece?

The Double Sided Fleece Range is super quality classic polar fleece fused with another layer of fleece in a different shade to create a contrast finish. Perfect for clothing, pram covers, throws, pet beds & more. … With one of the largest fleece collections in Europe we aim to offer an unrivalled choice.

What needle do you use to sew fleece?

When using a sewing machine; select a size 12(80) Universal needle, for sewing most fleece fabrics. Set machine for a long stitch (8 to 10 stitches per inch). A straight stitch or narrow zigzag works best. It is often helpful to decrease the presser foot pressure if possible.

Are ballpoint and Jersey needles the same?

Ballpoint needles have an even more rounded tip designed to avoid breaking fibers in knits and fabrics with spandex. Jersey needles are even more rounded than stretch needles, and are more indicated for knits than for stretch wovens.

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