How do you make a double sided Tshirt quilt?

What backing do you use for a T-shirt quilt?

100% Cotton

This is my preferred fabric choice because it wears well and is easy to work with. This is what we use here at Too Cool T-shirt Quilts.

How do you measure the width of a quilt border?

Calculating border size is really pretty simple. Just total all the finished measurements and add your seam allowances. For example, suppose that the quilt in Figure 3 is made of 10-inch square blocks with one-inch wide sashing strips, and you want a finished border that is 10 inches wide.

How long is project repat?

Turnaround times for orders that were checked in between 9/1/21 and 10/1/2021 are approximately 5 weeks from the date we checked them in at our facility. Any order that needs to be returned by 12/25/2021 will need to have the RUSH processing upgrade ($20).

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