How do you rotate a weaving draft?

How do you turn on the draft weaving?

The steps for turning a draft are:

Change the former weft symbols in the original treadling into shaft numbers in the new threading (see the threading in Figure 3). c. Change the former shaft numbers in the original threading to weft symbols in the new treadling (see the treadling in Figure 3).

How do you read a Swedish weaving draft?

In the tie-up, treadle 1 is the treadle at the far right; the treadles are numbered from right to left. The tie-up gives the shafts that are down, rather than those raised. And finally, the threading and tie-up are at the bottom of the draft and the treadling is read from bottom to top.

Why is my weaving upside down?

You are probably weaving on a jack loom, and therefore, if you tie the shafts marked with an “x” to go up, you are doing the opposite of what is intended and therefore weaving the fabric upside down.

What is a block in weaving?

Block weaves are structures in which groups of warp and weft threads can produce two different-looking interlacements, one that identify as “pattern,” the other as “background.” … Other writers say a block weave is a weave structure that produces a pattern area and a ground area.

Do you weave from top to bottom?

Some weavers, like the brilliant Marianne Moodie, also weave their design upside down. So, though while they are weaving they work from bottom to top, their weaving gets flipped over so that the “bottom” while weaving is the top of the design.

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