How many different types of yarn irregularity are there?

What do you mean by yarn irregularity?

Yarn irregularity in its broadest sense covers irregularities produced in the processes of yam manufacture, also those introduced in the mechanical pro- cesses between spinning and weaving and further irregularities produced in what might be called “yam finishing” operations, such as mercerising or dyeing.

What is irregularity how it is formed in the yarn?

The random yarn irregularity is simply a function of fiber fineness and the periodic variation that of mechanical condition of the machine. … The drafting wave is formed when the floating or short fibers move out of turn and get. Accelerated to front roller speed by the faster moving fibers.

What do you think about the impact of yarn irregularity?

The uneven one should have more thin regions than the even one as the result of irregularity, since the average linear density is the same. Thus an irregular yarn will tend to break more easily during spinning, winding, weaving, knitting or any other process.

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