Question: How do you start basketweave stitch?

What is the basketweave stitch?

Basketweave stitch is made up of Tent Stitches and is worked in a diagonal pattern on the canvas. When you look at the back of the canvas, you will see it forms a woven pattern. This is how it got its name. Take a good look at the weave of your canvas.

Where do you start stitching on a needlepoint canvas?

Where to start a canvas would depend on the type of needlepoint you are doing. If it is counted work, then generally one would start in the center (or as near to the center as possible). However, if the design is printed or painted onto the canvas then it is really up to you where you start.

How do you prepare needlepoint canvas?


  1. Find the top and bottom of your canvas. …
  2. Mark “top” at the top with a permanent, waterproof marker made for fabric.
  3. Make an arrow going from lower right to upper left in the top left corner for reference.
  4. Cut a piece of artist’s or masking tape long enough to cover one side.
  5. Lay it sticky side up on a table.

What is a stitch guide for needlepoint?

The term “Stitch Guide” can be confusing to many people. In short, it is a guide to placement of threads and stitches for a particular painted canvas or a counted canvas design.

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