Question: How many stitches do I cast on for baby booties?

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How much yarn do I need for baby booties?

The needed materials to make our Easy knitted booties are: 1 ball of 50 grams of yarn for 4mm needles. As I used in the post of Knitted Baby Onesie, to make the booties match, I used the same yarn, the color is 15-light greyish green-of Drops Merino Extra Fine Uní Colour.

What are booties for babies?

A bootee (also bootie or booty) is a short soft sock or bootlike garment used for warmth or protection. Bootees for babies are usually thick and knitted, to keep the baby’s feet warm.

How long does it take to make baby booties?


As these baby booties use only basic crochet stitches, they’re a quick and easy crochet project for you. They’re certainly suitable for beginners and if you’re a confident crocheter you could easily make them within one hour!

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