Question: What is Cam box in knitting machine?

What is CAM in knitting machine?

The part of a knitting machine that controls the movement of the needles or sinkers to produce a desired knitted construction.

Why is VDQ pulley used in circular knitting machine?

VDQ Pulley: G.S.M of the knit fabric is controlled by VDQ pulley. VDQ pulley is used for controlling the stitch length of the fabric. … Cylinder: Cylinder is the main parts of a knitting machine. Adjustment of a cylinder is important.

What is positive feeder?

Positive feeder: even better. The many new design features of the MPF P considerably increase the productivity of knitting machines. The device is complete with the tried-and-tested, self-cleaning vibration tension, which reliably prevents false stoppages.

What is circular machine?

: a machine with needles and yarn feeds arranged in a circle for knitting fabrics, hosiery, sweaters, and underwear.

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