Question: Where is the Alexander mosaic located?

Who commissioned the Alexander mosaic?

The mosaic is held to be a copy of either a painting by Aristides of Thebes, or of a lost late 4th century BC fresco by the painter Philoxenos of Eretria. The latter is mentioned by Pliny the Elder (XXXV, 110) as a commission for the Macedonian king Cassander.

What did Alexander look like?

*Alexander’s physical description is variously reported as of him having curly, dark blonde hair, a prominent forehead, a short, jutting chin, fair to reddish skin, an intense gaze, and a short, stocky, tough figure. It has been commented upon more than once that Alexander had one dark brown eye and one blue eye!

Who is the painter of head of Alexander?

Ancient literary sources say that he let only one sculptor carve his portrait: Lysippos (active ca. 370-300 B.C.), who created the standard Alexander portrait type.

Where are the Persian Gates?

Persian Gates

Persian Gate
Location Kohgiluyeh va Boyer Ahmad and Fars
Range Zagros Mountains
Coordinates 30°42′30″N 51°35′55″E
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