Question: Why am I getting loads in my embroidery?

What causes thread nesting?

Bird nests occur when thread bunches up underneath the needle plate, causing broken threads, skipped stitches, and uneven tension. This is typically caused by the tension balance being out of whack or the top thread is not threaded correctly.

Why balance is important in embroidery?

Keeping a total balance between the top and bobbin threads not only makes your embroidery look better, your machine will run smoother and you will have fewer problems with your machine.

How do you protect your skin from embroidery?

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  1. Fused nonwoven or knit interlining can be used to protect Fused nonwoven or knit interlining can be used to protect.
  2. the skin from coarse embroidery on the backside of the.
  3. garment. Several national retailers are requiring over the back.
  4. fusing in their children’s wear programs.
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