Quick Answer: How wide should a bead be?

How wide should a weave bead be?

A rule of thumb is that the maximum weave width should be about three times the electrode core wire diameter. Once deposited, weld beads should preferably exhibit a slightly convex surface contour.

When comes to a good weld the width of bead should be?

Keep the electrode wire directly in front of the center of the pool. A good weld bead should have evenly spaced ripples. The edges of the weld should be the same width. There should be about 1/16″–1/8″ (1.6 mm–3.2 mm) of reinforcement.

What increases the bead width?

It is found that bead width is affected by the electrode polarity, electrode diameter, electrode extension, welding current, welding voltage and welding speed. … For a particular electrode diameter and extension, it is found that the bead width initially increases as the current and the welding speed increase.

What is the maximum width for a weave bead when using a 1/8 3.2 mm electrode?

For example, a stringer bead made with a 1/8″ (3.2 mm) diameter electrode should be about 1/4″–3/8″ (6.4 mm–9.6 mm) wide.

What is the proper bead width for SMAW?

Arc length: equal to the diameter of the bare end of the electrode. Angle of the electrode: 15-25 degrees in the direction of travel. Rate (Speed) of travel: bead width should equal 2 ½ times the diameter of the bare end of the electrode.

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Why do my welds look burnt?

Causes: Excessive heat is the primary cause of burn through. Having too large of a root opening on the weld joint can also result in burn through. … Increasing travel speed helps, too, especially when welding on aluminum, which is prone to heat build-up.

What MIG weld should look like?

Ideally, the weld bead should be slightly crowned, with the toes or edges of the bead flowing nicely into the base metal. There should be full penetration, but not so much that there is excessive bleed-through on the back of the joint.

Which produces the wider bead?

A weave bead is made with some side-to-side motion, which creates a wider weld bead. The end of the weld may have a crater (depres- sion). This depression can be fi lled by moving the electrode to the end of the weld and then back over the completed bead about 1/2″ (13 mm).

How wide can a weld be?

1-2010, the maximum size of a single pass fillet in the vertical position is 1/2 inch. the maximum size low hydrogen electrode is 5/32 inch. A few quick calculations indicates the width of weld face of the single pass fillet weld is 0.707 inches.

What is weld toe?

The junction of the weld face and the base metal.