Quick Answer: What happened to Magic Crochet magazine?

How often is Crochet magazine published?

You get all of this every other month, six times a year — crochet stitches, patterns, tips, techniques and product picks—in a state-of-the-art digital magazine that you can take with you wherever you want to crochet!

Can crocheting be a job?

Selling Finished Projects: This is where most crocheters start professionally because it’s a very natural progression to take from hobby. If you love to crochet (a lot), and you’re often asked to sell your work from friends, family and strangers, this can be a great crochet career!

What is the crochet capital of the world?

Chennai is fast emerging as the crochet capital of the world and The Mother India Crochet Queen (MICQ) needs to be credited for it.

What is Interweave Crochet?

They’re just shorthand for longer crochet terms that help you eliminate one or more stitches! At Interweave, crochet stitch terminology is simplified and broken down so that you can join in the conversation and expand your knowledge.

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