What are bobbins for in fishing?

What are fishing bobbins used for?

Active member. One of the principal uses of a bobbin used in conjunction with a roller wheel bite alarm is to aid registration of line movement over the wheel. The roller wheel construction accounts for 99.9% of alarms sold… apart from Delkims which use a ceramic insert that detects line vibrations.

Do you need bobbins with bite alarms?

To go with your bite alarm you need another sort of indicator, this is either a bobbin or a swinger, and it neatly clips on to your line between your bite alarm and reel. … The only real difference between bobbins and swingers is that bobbins use a chain or cord and hangers use a fixed bar.

Are plastic or metal bobbins better?

Metal bobbins happen to be more durable than plastic bobbins, and they also have a longer lifespan. Although more affordable, plastic bobbins don’t work perfectly as long as metal bobbins do. Professionals and regular users of sewing machines, therefore, prefer metal bobbins more than plastic bobbins in their work.

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