What are the different marking tools for sewing?

What are different types of marking?

Contact Marking

  • Hand Written. Using a pen to write information by hand is the simplest and most inexpensive marking method. …
  • Stamping. Stamping can be divided into two major categories: hand pressing and machine pressing. …
  • Labeling. …
  • Engraving.

What is the marking tools that is used to make fine lines on fabric?

Fabric Pencils – Fabric pencils are water-soluble like markers. The problem is that the lines they draw are often very hard to see, but the benefit to pencils is that you can always sharpen them to get a fresh tip and they won’t dry out.

Which of the following is a marking medium?

Explanation: Marking media is a substance that is applied on the surface of the metal to distinct the marked line clearly. Different marking media are whitewash (chalk powder), Prussian blue, Copper sulphate, and cellulose Lacquer. Whitewash/Chalk powder is applied to rough forging and casting surfaces.

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