What are the two major components of the tobacco mosaic virus?

What are the two major components of the tobacco mosaic virus What are the two major components of the tobacco mosaic virus?

TMV is made up of a piece of nucleic acid (ribonucleic acid; RNA) and a surrounding protein coat.

What are the two major component of a virus?

The simplest virions consist of two basic components: nucleic acid (single- or double-stranded RNA or DNA) and a protein coat, the capsid, which functions as a shell to protect the viral genome from nucleases and which during infection attaches the virion to specific receptors exposed on the prospective host cell.

What is the structure of the tobacco mosaic virus?

Tobacco mosaic virus (TMV; Tobamovirus, Virgaviridae) is a rodlike virus with a length of 300 nm and diameter of 18 nm. TMV capsids are composed of 2130 identical protein subunits, which assemble around the viral ssRNA to form a helical structure, with a hollow central cavity of 4 nm diameter.

Which enzyme is present in tobacco mosaic virus?

Tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) infects several crops of economic importance (e.g., tomato) and remains as one of the major concerns to the farmers. TMV enters the host cell and produces the capping enzyme RNA polymerase.

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What are the major components of virus?

All viruses contain nucleic acid, either DNA or RNA (but not both), and a protein coat, which encases the nucleic acid. Some viruses are also enclosed by an envelope of fat and protein molecules. In its infective form, outside the cell, a virus particle is called a virion.

What are the 3 main components of a virus?

Viruses of all shapes and sizes consist of a nucleic acid core, an outer protein coating or capsid, and sometimes an outer envelope.

What are the three major components of a virus?

Viral Structure. In the simpler viruses the virion consists of a single molecule of nucleic acid surrounded by a protein coat, the capsid; the capsid and its enclosed nucleic acid together constitute the nucleocapsid.

What is the structure and composition of a TMV describe?

Tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) is the virus which affects the tobacco plant. The virus is made up of nucleic acid core and protein coat. The protein coat is also known as the capsid. The protein coat is made up of protein subunits called as capsomeres. The genetic material is the RNA.

What is the structure and composition of TMV?

Structure of Tobacco Mosaic Virus (TMV):

TMV is a simple rod-shaped helical virus (Fig. 13.20) consisting of centrally located single- stranded RNA (5.6%) enveloped by a protein coat (94.4%). The rod is considered to be 3,000 Å in length and about 180 Å in diameter. The protein coat is technically called ‘capsid’.

What is the structure of adenovirus?

The adenovirus particle consists of an icosahedral protein shell surrounding a protein core that contains the linear, double-stranded DNA genome (Fig. 67-2). The shell, which is 70 to 100 nm in diameter, is made up of 252 structural capsomeres.

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