What do you mean by yarn evenness?

How do you characterize yarn evenness?

The irregularity or unevenness of a yarn is commonly defined as the variation in fineness along its length and more appropriately as the variation in mass per unit length along the yam’.

Yarn Evenness & It’s Classification.

Periodic Variation Wavelength
Short term variation 1 to 10 times the fiber length

What do you mean by yarn irregularity?

Yarn irregularity in its broadest sense covers irregularities produced in the processes of yam manufacture, also those introduced in the mechanical pro- cesses between spinning and weaving and further irregularities produced in what might be called “yam finishing” operations, such as mercerising or dyeing.

What is CV percentage in yarn?

The coefficient of mass variation CV % is the ratio of standard deviation of mass variation divided by average mass variation. The higher the CV value is the more irregular the yarn.

What is evenness tester?

Evenness tester-600 is a computerized instrument designed to determine the mass variation and imperfection in yarn, roving and sliver. Capacitive principle for mass variation and imperfection. Instrument functions are controlled by advanced micro controller and windows based user friendly software.

What are yarn quality parameters?

Yarn should be more even and the following parameters of yarn are to be critically reviewed; C.V. of count, single thread strength, C.V. of single thread strength, imperfections per 1000 meters such as thick places, thin places and neps.

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What is yarn variation?

YARN EVENNESS Yarn evenness is a measure of the level of variation in yarn diameter along its length. In other words, it refers to the variation in yarn linear density or mass per unit length of yarn.

What is CSP in yarn?

C.S.P is the product of English count and strength of yarn in pound. i.e. C.S.P = Strength of yarn in pound x Count in English system. Again, English count is the no. of hanks in 840 yards length per 1 pound weight of yarn.

How do you calculate yarn for a CV?

The formula is CV% of doubling = CV% of single / √n where n = no. of doublings 1.8 = CV% of single / √6 CV% of singles = 4.41% Ana i.e. CV% of comber sliver is 4.41%. 17. Two roving having 7.8 CV% are fed in to the ring frame making yarns and ring frame adds CV% 4.8 then what will be the final yarn CV%.