What does overcasting mean in sewing?

What is the difference between overcasting and Overlocking?

The overcast it creates locks around the seam to ensure that fabric edges won’t unravel. While its function is more specialized, an overlocker can really speed things up and produces a neat, professional-looking finish.

Is overcast stitch the same as Serging?

Overcast and sew a seam at the same time. Use like a serger (it does not cut the fabric like a serger, but it allows you to sew an interlocking hem along a raw edge) … Conceals fabric edges, also for stretch and knit fabrics.

Do all Overlockers cut?

Learn advanced overlocking techniques including pintucks, rolled hems, flat locking, gathering, elastic and blind hemming on our Level 2 Overlocking workshop or in a 1-2-1 with one of our overlocker course teachers.

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