What does top down mean in knitting?

What does it mean to knit top down?

As the name of this technique indicates, we start knitting from the top (at the neck) and work our way down to the hem. … Materials. To make this sweater, we’re going to need 3 skeins of The Wool in whichever color you prefer.

Is it easier to knit top down or bottom up?

Verdict: You are more likey to wear a Top-Down sweater because it is easier to finish. But bottom-up sweaters look amazing once you finish all the seaming.

Is it easy to knit top down?

It is easier to adjust the length of sleeves, body and especially the yoke. Working top-down also makes it easier to try the piece on while working. In this lesson we show you how to work a sweater with a simple raglan increase. Start by picking the pattern you want to knit and use this lesson to guide you.

What is saddle sleeve?

The saddle sleeve is similar to the principle of the raglan sleeve but the top seam extends farther and reproduces the shape of the armhole curve. … For this example, the front seam ends in the neckline whereas at the back it extends to center back. These seams allow the sleeves to be separated from the garment body.

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