What is DREF yarn?

What is dref?

Disaster Relief Emergency Fund (DREF)

What count of yarn is produced from DREF 2 process?

Specification of Dref-2

Spinning positions per machine 6 – 64
Count range Ne 0.3 – 14.5; 2 000 – 40 tex
Feedstock card sliver
Yarn packages up to 8 kg
Yarn type normal OE yarn

Which spin system demand roving as the feed material?

The technological process of Siro spinning. The technological process of Siro spinning is shown in Fig. 1.5. The rovings are fed into a ring frame with separators to ensure that each roving is drafted individually.

What is ring frame in spinning?

The ring frame process is the last and the most important process in the yarn manufacturing process. “The machine which converts the roving into desired yarn count is called ring frame”. It is the most commonly used method in yarn manufacturing process. … The widest range of yarn count can be spun on the ring frame.

What kind of fabric is yarn?

Yarn can be made from a variety of different fibers. This includes both natural and synthetic fibers. The most common plant fiber is cotton, however, you can also use other natural fibers such as bamboo. Alongside cotton, synthetic polyester fiber makes up the two most commonly used fibers.

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