Where is the vestibule mosaic?

Who made the vestibule mosaic?

The entrance to Hagia Sophia from the south entrance is through a bronze gate to the vestibule with a doorway to the narthex. The mosaic is in the tympanum over the doorway and is dating back to 944. Virgin Mary is sitting on a backless throne decorated with jewels.


10 Tunnels of Hagia Sophia

What is the purpose of the Justinian mosaic in San Vitale?

This mosaic thus establishes the central position of the Emperor between the power of the church and the power of the imperial administration and military. Like the Roman Emperors of the past, Justinian has religious, administrative, and military authority.

Who is depicted in the Theotokos mosaic located in the Hagia Sophia?

Hagia Sophia’s Apse Mosaic: Formal Analysis

The east apse contains an image of the Theotokos and Christ Child, two archangels, and an inscription (Fig 3).

What is the Deësis mosaic made out of?

It is made of Proconnesian panels with one square of Pavonzetto on the left. This was probably added during the Fosatti restoration. From watercolors made by the Fosattis we know that the bottom part of the mosaic was gone down to the level of the bricks by the time they uncovered it.

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Which emperor built the church?

Constantine the Great played a major role in the development of the Christian Church in the 4th century.