Which Mosaic stores are closing?

Are all millers stores closing down?

The retail group that owns Noni B, Katies, Millers and Rivers is closing a further 250 stores by mid-2021, blaming shopping centre landlords for not providing enough rent relief as it struggles with the impact of COVID-19. … The Victorian stores represent 18 per cent of Mosaic’s retail portfolio.

How many stores has Mosaic brands the company behind Noni B and rockmans closed since the pandemic began?

Mosaic Brands: Retail giant behind Noni B, Katies, Rivers and Rockmans reveals 288 stores shuttered since pandemic start | news.com.au — Australia’s leading news site.

Are Noni B stores closing down?

Fashion retailer behind Katies, Rockmans, Rivers and Noni B closes more stores. … It was already heading down that path before the pandemic, buying a controlling stake in catalogue-based fashion business EziBuy in 2019. Mosaic said a turnaround plan for that investment continued to be executed.

Who owns Mosaic brand?

Mosaic Brands Ltd

Mosaic Brands Ltd AUS facebook
Alceon Group Pty Ltd owns 36% of Mosaic Brands Ltd AUS
Private investment group Specialist advisory, investment, and capital solutions firm founded by former Babcock & Brown executives in 2010. Acquired Noni B in 2014.
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Are crossroads stores closing down?

Lane, Crossroads and Beme. In an update to investors, CEO Scott Evans said the stores will be closed by the end of the 2020-2021 financial year.

What stores do Noni B own?

Noni B Ltd has grown to be one of the largest specialty fashion retailer groups in Australia. Our brands include Noni B, Rockmans, W. Lane, Beme and the recently acquired Millers, Katies, Crossroads, Autograph and Rivers.

Who owns Noni Australia?

Mosaic Brands, which also owns Noni B, Millers and Rockmans, booked a whopping $170m full-year net loss in August but on Wednesday posted a slim first-half net profit of $13m.

Is millers closing down in NZ?

Millers Fashion is likely to close its Palmerston North store by the end of September. Plaza manager Andrew Heaphy confirmed the store was closing down and said Millers’ lease would expire in mid-October.

Who owns Ezi Buy?

Who owns Rivers Australia?

2018 saw big changes for Rivers as we were purchased by the Noni B Group who are committed to giving customers the best experience possible.

Who owns Citychic?

It was founded by Gary Perlstein and Ian Miller in 1992. It was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange and had a market capitalisation of $360 million as at March, 2006. It grew in part through acquisitions, including the Katies womenswear chain from Coles Myer (1999), and Crazy Clark’s and Go-Lo stores in 2000.