Who makes teddy bears from shirts?

How much does a memory bear cost?

The basic charge for a memory bear is $40.

Extras such as larger sizes, hats, clothing, purses, footwear, button plackets, patches, appliqués etc. have an extra charge ranging from $5 to $15 for each piece.

How much does it cost to have a memory bear made UK?

Standard Memory Bears start from £49.95. Large Memory Bears start from £69.95.

How many shirts does it take to make a memory bear?

This Memory Bear was made from 2 mens shirts.

Can you put ashes in a teddy bear?

The bear comes with a small pouch* in which to place items securely inside of the bear. Alternatively, you can place a small sealed plastic bag containing your loved one’s ashes.


Product Range: Memorial Bear
Capacity: Small Amount of Ashes or other Keepsake
Suitable For: Adult / Child / Pet

Who makes memory teddy bears?

Memory Bears designer Karla Cantero speaks to Telemundo 20 about her business.

What is a memory bear?

What is a Memory Bear. Memory bears are teddy bears created out of clothing or other belongings that are meaningful to a person. They often serve as a keepsake after a loved one has passed.

What interfacing should I use for memory bears?

I interface all my memory bears as it makes the fabric stronger so it doesn’t stretch when you stuff your bear. Interfacing also gives your fabric a smoother more professional finish. A woven cotton interfacing works best.

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