You asked: Is berroco yarn good?

Is berroco vintage itchy?

Wearing. Vintage has a pleasant touch that is both soft and substantial. There isn’t a hint of itch here, despite the fact that the wool content is not identified as a Merino, which would be finer.

What is berroco yarn?

Berroco Yarn (61)

The Berroco line of yarns seamlessly blend together a timeless appeal with contemporary colors and fibers. Whether you’re looking for easy-care yarns for baby projects, or yarns featuring luxurious fiber blends of wool, alpaca and more, Berroco has a yarn that will make your project extra special.

What weight is berroco remix yarn?


Weight: Aran / Medium
Hook: 5mm
Balls: 100g; 198m (217 yds)
Care: Machine wash (gentle/wool cycle), Dry flat
Styles: Tweeds
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